Leidokos-ChangeReport - a tool to generate firmware change reports

This is directed to those developers in the community that submit pull requests to Kaleidoscope’s core repositories.

When submitting PRs its usually the question, what changes a new or modified feature brings in terms of PROGMEM and RAM consumption. To help the reviewers of your PR to see the benefits of your change or at least to acknowledge that your change does not mean any harm in terms of resource consumption, it can be useful to add information about this to your PR.

Leidokos-ChangeReport might help you with that by generating a detailed change report as a pdf. It compares two source code trees of the firmware bundle and uses elf_diff under the hood to generate the report.

Generated report pdf files can be attached to PRs to provide additional information to the reviewers.

To generate a report pdf, execute lcr like:

lcr [--title your_report_title] [old_sketch] [new_sketch]

old_sketch and new_sketch must be two absolute paths to the sketch files in two separate bundle repos that mark the state before and after your change.

Here’s an example how a report will look like: