Looking for a Keyboardio, ideally just the left side, ideally in Europe

Item: any model would be fine (would prefer quiet click but that’s of secondary importance)
Price: you tell me!
Condition: just need the left side, so it would be fine if the right side was broken, had gone missing or the like
Location: ideally somewhere in Europe (Germany would be best)

Since I can only use my left hand for typing, I am looking for the left side of a Keyboardio that I can remap as a FrogPad. If I could get just the left side from someone who can’t use it anymore (e.g. right side broken) that would be ideal, but I would also be more than happy with a full Keyboardio (…who knows, maybe my right hand will get back to typing one day :slight_smile: ).

Happy to receive emails on this as well: kleemarie@posteo.de Thank you!

A quick idea you might use the right side for: LED effects. Since you’ll be typing and using the left side, you can put the right one somewhere more visible than under your hand, and have LED effects there that signal what state the left half is in. That way you don’t have to look under your hand.

You can even set up the right side to light up LEDs to spell out the letters you type on the left, in a 4x4 font. It looks something like this:

Yes, this would become annoying in a very short time, but you get the idea… :slight_smile:

Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that if you don’t find a left-side only, even if you are not going to type on the right one, that half is still not completely useless!

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:grinning: :grinning: :grinning: haha, that’s a brilliant idea!

And yeah, I get your point. And as I said, I hope I will be a two-handed typer one day again, and then it would be nice to have the right one waiting. So a full keyboardio wouldn’t be too bad, for this use or some funky LED uses.

Just thinking it would be an awesome win-win if someone had a lefty on its own that was useless for him and perfect for me :).

I’m in the UK. have sent you an email about a Model 01. I forgot to mention its quiet.

Wonderful, thank you, @Ampersandrew ! I already emailed you back :slight_smile: