Macros involving mouse scroll buttons not working

Hello. After quite some time, I did a git pull on my local Kaleidoscope-Bundle-Keyboardio repo and came up to a08e055cd819813ece042759be55b61b37388495.

Now I find that macros involving mouse scroll buttons are not working. I have four:

    case M_ZOOM_IN:
        return MACRODOWN(D(LeftControl), T(mouseScrollUp), U(LeftControl));

    case M_ZOOM_OUT:
        return MACRODOWN(D(LeftControl), T(mouseScrollDn), U(LeftControl));

    case M_WHEEL_LEFT:
        return MACRODOWN(D(LeftShift), T(mouseScrollUp), U(LeftShift));

    case M_WHEEL_RIGHT:
        return MACRODOWN(D(LeftShift), T(mouseScrollDn), U(LeftShift));

None of these are working. I have separate keys for mouseScrollUp and mouseScrollDn and using them along with pressing the modifiers manually works just fine. So it’s just the macros.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.