Macros involving mouse scroll buttons not working

Hello. After quite some time, I did a git pull on my local Kaleidoscope-Bundle-Keyboardio repo and came up to a08e055cd819813ece042759be55b61b37388495.

Now I find that macros involving mouse scroll buttons are not working. I have four:

    case M_ZOOM_IN:
        return MACRODOWN(D(LeftControl), T(mouseScrollUp), U(LeftControl));

    case M_ZOOM_OUT:
        return MACRODOWN(D(LeftControl), T(mouseScrollDn), U(LeftControl));

    case M_WHEEL_LEFT:
        return MACRODOWN(D(LeftShift), T(mouseScrollUp), U(LeftShift));

    case M_WHEEL_RIGHT:
        return MACRODOWN(D(LeftShift), T(mouseScrollDn), U(LeftShift));

None of these are working. I have separate keys for mouseScrollUp and mouseScrollDn and using them along with pressing the modifiers manually works just fine. So it’s just the macros.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

I’m trying to implement the same thing (M_ZOOM_IN/OUT) with the latest Kaleidoscope firmware. Did you ever solve the issue?

I’m working on a solution to this problem. The issue now is that MouseKeys doesn’t know about Macros’ virtual key array, and does all of its work in the afterEachCycle() handler. I have several ideas for a solution, but it’s not yet clear which one is best. I’m leaning towards having MouseKeys depend on Macros. Feel free to submit this as an issue on GitHub. I probably won’t have time to do so today.


PR #1114 should fix this bug.