Model 01 unable to communicate with Chrysalis

I have a Model 01 that I never unboxed from the original Kickstarter; I’m attempting to update it to match my in use Model 01 (setup using Chrysalis v0.12.0), but Chrysalis cannot connect with a Communication timeout error.

I briefly tried directly flashing the firmware via the Arduino software (Windows), but ran into both compile problems (Remove-Item : A positional parameter cannot be found that accepts argument), and I cannot put the Model 01 into programming mode (at least not for long). I hold the prog button while inserting the USB cable and the Prog light turns red, but only for about 10 seconds.

Aside - I can type with the keyboard just fine, I just can’t flash the firmware.

Any ideas? If the only/best/next path forward is to manually flash the firmware I can switch over to Linux and make it work over there (though a pointer to the correct firmware file would be helpful - it’s not obvious which firmware file to use from here).


For anyone coming after me, resolving my Adruino problems on Linux allowed me to flash the factory default firmware via the Arduino software. This in turn allowed me to re-flash the firmware via Chrysalis (on Windows), and then install my keymap.