Model 100: How to use WASD properly?

Do you use WASD on your Model 100? I would like to use the keyboard primarily. I work with multiple windows and apps, need to take several screenshots each day and I also work in salesforce in Chrome.

Straight out of the box I find WASD as mouse kind of slow. I don’t know if it is suppose to replace the mouse or just used for gaming.

IMHO mouse keys are nice to have but definitely no replacement for a mouse. Especially in your usecases. If you can work primarily with the keyboard and only occasionally need a mouse, that might work.

I personally use mouse keys only very rarely…

It works for some people. Warp seems quite promising, too. MouseKeys — Kaleidoscope documentation

the problem with WASD is that you have to either move your hand over one key, and then it doesn’t quite fit the sculpted keycaps, or you have to use the “wrong” fingers (pinky, ring, middle instead of ring, middle, index).

Have you considered changing to ESDF?

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Warping sounds great, but for me it the mousecursor just jumped more or less unpredictable on the screen - needs probably more practicing though… I removed warping from my keymap for now.

I am fine with WASD - use it for ego shooters all the time :wink:

ego shooters? I’ve never heard that one. does that mean first-person?

do you move your hand or what fingers do you use?

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yes… 1st-person-shooter like CounterStrike or alike

use it, as I would on any other keyboard: Middlefinger for W,S - A and D accordingly.

so which fingers on which key?

As written above: middlefinger for W and S, Ringfinger for A and pointer finger for D

So you move your hand over one key? Does the Model 100 feel awkward like that since the keys are specifically sculpted for the “wrong” fingers?

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no, not really. I never thought about it, just worked fine for me. but I do have a Game-Layer, where Shift is on the left FUN-Key - makes a whole lot of sense for 1st person shooters :wink:

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