Request: Alternative key sculpts (or coverings) for the Model 100

I love the Model 100 (I actually bought one for home and one for work), but I’ve found that sometimes I have difficulty differentiating the thumb buttons. And sometimes when I play video games, I need to move my left hand between standard position and shifted one column to the left (for the usual WASD directional control), and it would be great if I had some better tactile feedback for when my hand was in the wrong position. It would be great if there was a “flat” (i.e. not convex/concave) set of keys I could purchase, or some other way to “feel where I was”. If there’s no plan to create a different set of key-caps, can anyone suggest a work-around?

i rmbr some folks pasted one side of velcro tape on some of the thumb keys to make it easier to feel, you could try that!

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There was a thread some time ago on 3d printed keys with improved thumb homing bars