Possible to swap out keycaps for non-scuplted ones?

Hi, I’ve been struggling with getting used to the sculpted keycaps. The hit targets are very small and If I don’t move my hands at all it’s fine but as soon as I do and you don’t hit the key perfectly you’re always hitting an edge.

Was wondering if anyone had come across an alternate, flat, set of keycaps that are compatible that I could try?


When you take a look at the area the custom sculpted keycaps take it is clear that you will not find standard keycaps which will fit.

The sculpted keycaps are IMO one of the plus points of the model 100. Although I find that some keycaps make it indeed harder to use easy. Some keycaps, like for example for the little finger down (- key for example) are almost a joy to press and I prefer those much over those on a standard keyboard. I think a redesign of the some sculpts could solve your (and partly also my) problem. But for now you will have to live with it or find another keyboard you like better.

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I would think that the whole point is to not move your hands. Using this keyboard breaks one of such bad habits. :slightly_smiling_face:

I find that if I keep my hands perfectly still, that causes its own problems. So I imagine that if I moved my hands more when typing, I’d have to take fewer breaks.