Keycaps for Atreus


I bought an Atreus > 1 year ago and I use it everyday since, both for typing (french Bépo layout) and gaming (FPS game). I enjoy the fact that i don’t need to move my hands around while typing because all the keys are under my fingers.

However, since the beginning I found that the keycaps are hard, especially for the thumbs. Maybe the plastic material feels a little bit hard, but for the thumbs the shape does not seem good: on other keyboards the curve at the surface of the key is reversed for the space bar and the other keys on the same row. I think that having the same shape for all the keycaps is good to let users move their keycaps, but now I would like to buy “rounded” keycaps for the thumb row (12 keys).

Do you know where it is possible to buy “rounded” keycaps, and how to know if they are compatible with my switches?