Better homing bars for model 100

Any suggestions for adding better homing bars for the model 100? I find my tired old fingers don’t find them by touch very well. Ideally something I could stick to the existing keys - although I may be able to get something 3D printed if CAD files are available.

Placement-wise, towards the top of the key would be better as that seems to be where I rest my fingers.


If you mean the thumb keys, there are some 3D-Models available:

Something to stick to the keys would be a better solution in my opinion, but I didn’t find any.

Ideally for all six, but particularly the J and F keys. I agree that something to stick on would be ideal.

A thought – a dot of clear nail polish.

I think that concave keycaps for the home position of the thumb keys would be good.
Someone else already proposed this: Model 100 thumb arc - Shift and keyboard shortcuts - #30 by cmabooty
And maybe a deeper curve for the J and F keys, as these are already concave. (I once used some standard keyboard that was designed this way.)

One idea would be a drop of hot glue. Easier if one already owns a hot-glue gun.