Flush covers for palm (fun) key cutouts on Model 100

I have larger hands and I’m finding the palm (fun) keys on the Model 100 really uncomfortable to press with my palms (it requires rotating my wrists inwards in a really unnatural way for me that is causing some wrist pain). I found that once I removed the palm keys completely, the keyboard became much more comfortable for me to use. However, now I have two ugly gaping holes in an otherwise beautiful keyboard… :laughing:


I wanted to see if anybody has ever manufactured/3D printed covers for the palm (fun) key cutouts that sit flush with the surface of the wood palm rest?

Effectively something like this:


I’m using them more or less with the second joint of my thumb. I could see it being a problem eventually as it’s not a very natural action.

Another mod I’d like is concave keys for the thumb home positions. The keys are where my thumbs naturally land, but coming from a regular keyboard it’s a bit hard to find your way back to them sometimes.

It’s asking a lot of my agèd thumbs.

Yeah, that’s what I was trying to do as well, but since my fingers are long, the joint hits right at the base of the palm key, making it hard for me to press.

I actually don’t have any issue with the convex thumb keys, but I’m coming from an ErgoDox, so I already have a lot of muscle memory built up which makes using the thumb keys on the Model 100 feel really natural.

would love to get a replacement “indented” space and bksp key.

Although they both have small dashes, like the f and j keys, my thumbs can’t really feel them when typing

without the left fun key hitting enter/return must be brutal left fun+space is enter

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Same! Also tried turning them upside down (not possible) & substituting some other key, but they are the narrowest keys on the board. Currently considering putting some (soft side) stick-on velcro on them. Typing is still very stop and start.

My issue with them is that I unintentionally rest my palm and on that note, always find myself pressing a function key without noticing it.

I’ve also just train typed a few hours.

Been wondering if I can make the fun keys a little less pronounced. Might shave it down a bit. Got linear A keycaps if I’m on the worng path

Now my thumbs are going through a phase of confusing Shift & Space because they’re both furry.

These were from a set of blank caps btw.

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