Mouse Warp keys with multiple monitors

I was just playing around with mouse keys, but have problems with the mouse warping. It seems that they operate only on the primary monitor. Even if the mouse pointer is on the second monitor, pressing NorthWest, puts it to the upper left part of the primary monitor.

Is there a way to control this? How am I able to put the pointer to the second monitor? There doesn’t seem to be a key to cycle the monitors.

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I’ve searched for the same thing, I think I even looked into the code, and found out there is some challenges on sending HID commands for absolute position with multiple monitor (it might still be doable, but not easily).

Or I might not have searched well enough.

My alternative, at the end of the day is using warpd: GitHub - rvaiya/warpd: A modal keyboard-driven virtual pointer, which is nice for drawing rectangles too.

Wow, with its visual hints mode warpd seems to even be a superior solution to Kaleidoscopes mouse warping. (And warpd seems to even be inspired by Kaleidoscope!)

Have to play around with that. It’s unfortunate that it is not available for Windows.

AutoHotKey can move the mouse to any monitor left, right, up, down. Main screen has X and Y as zero at top left, resolution (for me) is 1920 x 1040. I have two monitors, secondary to left, so negative X values move the mouse there. A second left would be X < 3840 and so on. Right monitor would be 1921 to 3840, second right … well, you get it. Up monitor would have negative Y values and monitors below, Y > 1040.

I use emacs to modify my ahk file. AHK can do virtually anything; people have built full windowed applications with it. AHK can open a window, wait for it to become active, then resize and move it. Then it can move the mouse to a button, hold the right button down, wait for a context menu to fill in, then scroll to an item and release the right button.

What I show here simply moves it either a pixel at a time or 50 at a time (BigMouseMove). The hotkey for mouse up fast is #!+UP. :: means that’s the hotkey and the instruction follows. #!+UP means Windows-alt-shift-UP.

When I was using a TypeMatrix 2030DV, I would press all those keys! I got pretty good at it.

Chrysalis lets me assign the hotkey to one key on Level Five. Level Zero has two “Shift while held to Five” secondary action keys under my pinkies. I hold the left one and use the right side keys on Five for fast moves, then switch to the right pinky and left side keys on Five for fine moves.

My moves are all relative (R) to the current position, but if you leave out the R, you can assign any position on any monitor and go there instantly.

If I do something three times, I write a macro in AHK to automate it. My current AutoHotKeyStu.ahk initialization file (it loads at Windows startup and can be reloaded at any time if you want to change something like the value of BigMouseMove) has over 1500 lines. It can start progs like Firefox or Chrysalis, or even call buAtreus.cmd to back up my keyboard layouts.

AHK can do most anything you can think of and the help files are very good and there’s an AHK community on Discord.
For portability, AHK and your initialization file can go on a thumb drive.