My 12-DoF sit/stand setup, $31/DoF

I’m a believer in making one’s work environment adjustable… being in any fixed position does’t usually serve the body well.

With this setup, I can adjust height, distance from body, separation, and orientation – all independently, with 12 degrees of freedom (DoF):

  • tray:(in/out + up/down + pitch) (3)
  • L keyboard/R keyboard separation(1)
  • keyboard halves:( oll,pich,yaw) (6)
  • mousepad: (pitch, L/R) (2)

Its major components are Camvate camera rails, two annoyingly expensive mini ball heads and a fairly slick keyboard drawer by 3M.

All parts are on this Amazon list.

I’d like to change out the bottom mounts for a rosette style mount which provides more positive locking than the friction screw on the ball head, not to mention incorporating the anti-rotation pin into the setup, since there is some tendency for the mount to rotate, possibly with a quick release plate to make taking the keyboard elsewhere viable.

On order: a 2"x2" center mount touchpad to avoid having to go to the mouse so often…

Cost: keyboard drawer $150 + 2* $60 ball heads + $100 for the rails and clamps = $370.

Add another $100 for the touchpad setup for a $470 total. (not pictured)
But this also adds an additional 6 DoF, bringing the $$$ / DoF down by over 10% to $27 per degree of freedom.

Submitted for your amusement… happy to answer any questions… :slight_smile:



That setup is AWESOME! Was looking into the slide rail system.Can you update list? It appeared empty for me.

Strange. Here’s the link… it works for me even when not signed into Amazon…

LMK if that doesn’t work for anyone else…

the primary source of play (lack of rigidity) is actually the plastic back of the keyboard itself. ill likely cut a 1/8thx4"x4" steel plate and add it to the mix… anyone have more clever solutions? Im primarily concerned with not adding thickness…