Negative tilt keyboard heaven

While I love the design of the included octopus stands, I found that they didn’t meet my standing desk needs for a few reasons:

  1. Not extreme enough tilt
  2. Hard to get aligned
  3. Raised the keyboard so high off my desk that I could not get enough height separation between my monitor and keyboard

My solution? What I really wanted was just to raise the back edge of the keyboard without raising the top of the keyboard. I had to be careful not to raise it too much or I would be putting strain on the keyboard’s USB port. After some trial and error, I glued a couple scraps of wood together in a shape that fits the keyboard perfectly and remains solid. If you can see from the pictures, all 4 of the back feet are touching, and the plastic rail is butting up against my mini stand. After a while, I found that I also wanted to give my trackball a little boost to bring it to the same level and pitch. After giving it a quick paint job, I’m loving it.