New Model 01 Quiet Click - $290 + shipping - Chicago, USA

Price: $280 + shipping OR trade for the Esrille mini keyboard
Condition: Opened the box, used for 10 minutes
Location: Chicago

I used this for no more than 10 minutes until I realized my hands are too small for this keyboard. I cannot hit the outermost or the second outermost thumb keys without moving my whole hand, and the function key is half an inch too far. The keyboard is otherwise amazing, and I really commend the work of these guys, but the ergonomics just aren’t for my hands. Unfortunately I assumed I could return the keyboard for a full refund, but that’s not something the guys at Keyboardio do, so here we are. I put everything back in the box that it shipped in, down to the last twist-tie, and it’s ready to ship. I noticed Keyboardio is currently sold out of the Model 01, so this could be your way of getting it :slight_smile: If you’re interested just shoot me a message. Cheers.

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Which batch is the keyboard from?


Hey Sean, can you please tell me how I can find that out?

I’m not sure; how long ago did you receive it?

Hey Sean, the shipping label has the date August 7th, 2018 on it. Also, I found a label on the bottom of the left half of the keyboard with the number #003191. Is this the number you are after?

Heyo, have you sold your board yet? I’m interested in buying. I’ve ordered one, but I’d prefer not to wait, ya know.

Is this still available?

Sorry this has been sold. Thanks for enquiring.