New Plugin: Kaleidoscope-RemoteControl

(Noseglasses) #1

Plugin name: Kaleidoscope-RemoteControl
Author: noseglasses
Source URL:


Control your keyboard from the host. Layers, LEDs and other features - literally anything that can be solved programmatically from within the sketch can now be remote controlled. This makes it possible to let the keyboard react on host system requirements.

Currently it seems that there’s only a focus tool (focus-test) available for unixoid systems. Or is there anything alike for Windows that I am missing, @algernon?

Happy to receive feedback, bugfixes or issue reports.

Have fun!

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(Gergely Nagy) #2

There’s @chrysalis-api/focus for Node, with which it’s reasonably easy to build a small CLI tool much like focus-test - although far less lightweight. There are plans to have various language libraries, but none exist right now, as far as I know.