Set LED colours from external source

(Mike Cripps) #1

I’ve had a look through the topics and the wiki but couldn’t see if this is possible - I’d like to set the colour of my LED backlights from (e.g.) a command run on my computer. Has anyone else done this?

(JP) #2

That would be cool…

(Gergely Nagy) #3

This is exactly what the Focus plugin was made for!

Yep. Above, you can see the kaleidoscope.el Emacs package in action, setting the LED colors to the color of the current Evil state (normal/insert/selection/overwrite/etc).

So yep, this is not only possible, but it’s been done before. If you need help interfacing your tool with Focus, feel free to ask away!

(Mike Cripps) #4

Thank you! Hopefully I can get a handle on that, but if not, I’ll be back!

(Jesse) #5

Longer term, there will be a USB standard for this stuff. Right now, it’s just a draft, but this is where we’re headed:

(Frank Ch. Eigler) #6

My usage scenario for this widget would be to associate my x bell event with a persistent flashing indication on the keyboard, until a specific key (prog?) is hit. Kind of like a master alarm on an industrial control panel.

(Mike Cripps) #7

if not, I’ll be back!

Well, I’m back!

I’ve successfully got Arduino IDE setup but the version of Kaleidoscope I downloaded using the boardmanager (v1.23) doesn’t seem to support KALEIDOSCOPE_INIT_PLUGINS (which I copied and pasted from the Focus example).

Should I wait for the v2 release?

(Gergely Nagy) #8

You can use a git checkout of Arduino-Boards instead, and get the latest & greatest firmware and plugins. If you are comfortable with git, I’d go that route.

(Mike Cripps) #9


(Mike Cripps) #10

Yesssss it works! Thanks for the pointer to the git instructions. I’ve got the left and the right halves updating independently based on environment variables as part of my shell prompt - hurrrah!