Controlling the LEDs from software

Is it possible to control the LEDs from software on the host computer where the M01 is connected to?

Yes, with the help of the Focus plugin.

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Anyone who has a Focus Hook laying around that just allows you to set the color of all leds:
allLeds 128 0 255

Focus.addHook(FOCUS_HOOK_LEDCONTROL); will allow you to write led.setAll 128 0 255. This assumes that you have no LEDMode that would override it. LEDOff is a good one. :slight_smile:

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Hi @algernon,

I also want to set the color of all leds from the host computer and I’m trying to do so with the current firmware that I flashed from Chrysalis.

Just using the Arduino IDE, I was able to run the command palette and get a response back.

Should I also be able to run an led.setAll command to set all leds?

It looks like such a Focus command is defined here: Kaleidoscope/LEDControl.cpp at master · keyboardio/Kaleidoscope · GitHub

However, I’m not seeing any colors change on my keyboard when running something like led.setAll 255 0 0.

Do I have the right syntax?