How to call "" from focus-send?

I’m trying to replicate a project of mine, with my new Model 100 as the output viewer.
My project uses an AdaFruit NeoTrellis M4 to display process status colors: GitHub - shapr/bloohm: visual bloom filter to display process status as neotrellis m4 output

I’d like to be able to set the RGB colors of the keys from the computer my Model 100 is attached to.
After reading some documentation and asking my friends, it looks like I want the commands define in LEDControl.cpp, and I want to call them from something like focus-send.
After more digging and experimentation, LEDControl looks like a normal everyday plugin, but forum posts say it’s special.
When I used “focus-send help” the only matching command I see is “led.brightness” and that’s from the Kaleidoscope-LEDBrightnessConfig plugin.

Do I need to create a new plugin to call the “” command shown in the LEDControl plugin?

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Together with a friend, we figured it out:

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