New Plugin - QuickNav

Plugin name: QuickNav
Author: tiltowaitt
Source URL:


QuickNav is a dead simple plugin that sends browser back/forward shortcuts when the Control keys have been double-tapped. You can configure the number of taps required, the OS in use (since Macs use Command, not Control), and the timeout.

Why not use TapDance? Simple. There’s a bug. I looked into trying to fix it myself, but I have no need for the plugin outside of this one specific bit of functionality and don’t have time to thoroughly test any changes to the code. QuickNav is a far simpler, far lighter plugin.

Probably no one will be interested in using this QuickNav, but I figured I may as well announce it, just in case I’m wrong. (And if anyone does use it, please let me know if I got the Windows functionality correct. I don’t have any way to test that, but it should work.)