Oil and shine on wooden enclosure Model 100

Something I’ve never liked on the Apple’s Magic Keyboard and other keyboard with cheap keycaps is the shine and oil that develops over time. Now, my Model 100 is getting that shine too. But not on the keycaps, but maple wooden enclosure.

It’s developing on where I place my hands. I haven’t been using my Model 100 full time yet. It’s just this week that I am actually able to use it an entire day of work. Am I the only one or do other owners of the Model 100 (or Model 01 for that matter) have that ‘problem’ too?

It’s the same here, but honestly I did not notice until I looked for it under an angled light. I also type for 99 % floating and only rest the hands in between. So my shine is less than yours.

I did notice it with the Model01 but with dark Model100 i see it also. But i guess, oiling and polishing the whole enclosure would solve it