Optimizing Layouts

I searched around and couldn’t find if anyone had asked this, but is there a tool that I can use, on OSX, to track my finger/key usage on a certain layout? I’d like to use that feedback to better customize my layout. It would be great if this tool had a keyboard don it that looks like the model 01 and I can assign fingers and symbols to the keys so it knows what I am using.

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There’s a keylogger plugin that can track usage, but I don’t think there’s a GUI for perusing the results yet. If you’re feeling adventurous, you could probably get Chrysalis to display a heatmap with the keylogger output!

Looks like I need to learn a little clojurescript.


I would love this too. I’ve enabled the Heatmap LED effect to get some information, but it’s far from perfect.

In the short term, it should be reasonably easy to build something atop the aforementioned KeyLogger plugin. I built something for my ErgoDox EZ, which could be used for inspiration. The code is… undocumented and kind of awful, but it does net you stuff like this:

I planned to adapt it to the Model01, but working with KLE’s JSON was painful enough once, not going to do that again. I’ll adapt the statistics code though, at some point.

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Most of the work I do is in ClojureScript, so when I get my keyboard (fingers crossed!) I’ll try to add that to Chrysalis.