Plugin to restore QWERTY shortcuts

(Shriramana Sharma) #1

I use Workman and for some crazy reason my OS/apps think I want all shortcuts moved as per the letters as well whereas shortcuts are merely physical key sequences to me! (Consider a person who does a large part of his work in a script other than Latin!)

I’d like advice on how to create a plugin that maps Key_B to the key that actually outputs B in Workman (which is Key_T) but only when Ctrl, Alt and GUI are pressed.

Thanks! (@algernon and others :bouquet:)

(Shriramana Sharma) #2

ShapeShifter seems the closest one to be adapted?

(Andrew McCauley) #3

Without a plugin, you could create layers where each character in those layers are chords that you specify, toggled by whichever keys you prefer as the modifiers.

(Shriramana Sharma) #4

Yes but I’d then have to create layers for each modifier combination!

(Andrew McCauley) #5

In case you aren’t familiar with how to make chords in your keymaps.

(Andrew McCauley) #6

True that, and a shame

(Gergely Nagy) #7

Hmm… I seem to recall there being a plugin for this. ToIfAlone comes closest, but not quite what you want. Mind you, with that plugin, you only need one additional layer (pretty much a QWERTY layer), which isn’t that bad, all things considered. What the plugin does, by the way, is that if any of the mapped keys are pressed together with any other key (modifier or not), it will switch to a layer specified for that key. Map all your shortcut keys to a QWERTY layer, and you should be all set.

If you want the plugin to only work when mapped keys are chorded with modifiers, I’d start from ToIfAlone, and modify it with that restriction added.