Porting Model 01 Firmware to Model 100?

Has that code been pushed to the released Arduino BSP yet?

Not that I know of. It’s in the -master builds, but I do not see a tag on the core.

ok, I have the keyboard in “prog” mode, but the Upload is stalled saying “Keyboardio Model 100 [not connected]”

What port should I use? I have:


A week into trying to get this to work now.

I tried putting the IDE into verbose mode and running the upload, as suggested by argonblue in the discord, and there was no output. When the keyboard isn’t in prog mode I can type, but without the mods I made in my Model 01 config the keyboard is unusable for me.

I really don’t want to go through figuring out how to recreate all the work that’s gone into my config and setting it up in Chrysalis.

I’m sorry for coming late to this discussion, but can you share the Model01 sketch you want to reproduce the functionality of? I don’t have a Model100, so I’m no help with flashing problems, but I can help with updating old code for compatibility.

Thank you for the offer. <3

The issue seems to have been with the upload process and the known bug having to do with keymaps being ignored in some circumstances, not with the code. I have succeeded this morning in installing a modified keymap after another factory reset. I have some iterating to do to migrate the other changes in my firmware, but I’m able to type now. :slight_smile:

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