Proposal: Enable unit testing Kaleidoscopes core and client plugins by Dependency Inversion

(Jesse) #21

Really, you can just model it as a hosted XML API that returns a list of versions :wink:

(Noseglasses) #22

The build steps I need are quite complex. That’s where CMake is really great as it allows everything to be done completely platform independent.

I am not sure how this could be done with Kaleidoscope-Builder. I just imagine a lot of non-portable scripting or similarly non-portable Makefiles. That’s something I am less comfortable with than CMake. But if arbitrary pre-build steps could be executed from Kaleidoscope-Builder or, preferably, Arduino-Builder, that would be great. Then, everything could be separated nicely and I could continue to use CMake for the rest.

If that was a joke, I missed it. I have no idea what you are talking about. I really haven’t worked with newsfeeds before. :neutral_face:

(Jesse) #23

Right. From kaleidoscope-builder, it’s easyish for us to add a hook point to run some script or command of your choosing before build. Then you could use cmake for your ‘external’ stuff.

I want there to be some way to do that with arduino-builder, but I’m not aware of one

Ah, no. I was serious. I figured that you might have some experience with XML API endpoints.

And you really can treat an atom feed as a read-only XML API endpoint at a stable URL. It’ll return you a list of items + metadata that you can consume from just about any tool. The items all have timestamps. You can just parse the list to a data structure (using your own code or one of many Atom parsers), sort by date and grab the latest entry.

(Kristian) #24

Sorry for being so blunt and thank you for providing constructive criticism in return :+1:. I will try to reconstruct what i remember and report it back to you.
If i find the time i will retry based on your recent fix and report anything i find along the way.

And again i need to apologize: You guys invested tons of time investigating those areas and i jump in without a clue about many of the involved specifics. Regarding the Arduino simulators i overlooked the fact that most of them are not free. :slightly_frowning_face:

(Noseglasses) #25

That would be awsome.

(Noseglasses) #26

You offered your expertise with different sorts of testing and came up with good ideas for possible improvements. There’s nothing wrong with that.

This forum is around for one and a half years. It already accumulated great amounts of content. Valuable nowledge of all sorts. It is just impossible to find out with 100% what has or hasn’t been discussed before - unless you can remember key words or phrases to search for, e.g. because you have taken part in a specific discussion. That’s why I tend to add links that point back to related discussions that I can remember and regard useful.

(Noseglasses) #27

@kriber just provided me with some great detailed feedback about problems he encountered using Leidokos-CMake and Leidokos-Python. That will be a great help for improving the documentation!