QMK ported to Model01

(James) #1

I don’t have time to learn how to wrangle Kaleidoscope from scratch - so I’ve ported QMK to the Model 01 instead.

You can find it here on Github; assuming you have a suitable dev setup all you need to do is type make model01:avrdude and your keyboard will be programmed.

It doesn’t support fancy dancy magic prancy LED effects, and QMK doesn’t support mouse warping either. But it does keys, which is what I was after :slight_smile:

(James) #2

I’ve also got to say thanks to Jesse for the scanner architecture - this was easy and pleasurable to port!

(Gergely Nagy) #3

Nice work! Are you planning to submit it upstream?

(James) #4

Yep, I’ve got a PR up.

Thanks for your extensive efforts on Kaleidoscope - because it’s so neatly structured it was easy to find & port the bits that I needed, too :wink:

(Jesse) #5

That’s pretty damn cool. Nicely done.

Out of curiosity, what were you finding difficult to do with Kaleidoscope that’s easier for you with QMK?

(James) #6

The major driver for me was just skimming the extensive index of modules and their docs. I’m pretty short on time at the moment, and I determined it’d take me much longer to get up to speed than it would to write a port in an environment where I already know how everything works.
It only took about an hour and a half to get everything up and running. I’ve since spent longer getting it clean and tidy for upstream, of course, so maybe it wasn’t quite economical in the end. I did enjoy the process though…!

(Daniel Shields) #7

In some ways QMK is easier to get to grips with. There is a single repository which is easy to fork and modify, I’m still wrangling with multiple repositories and forks with Kaleidoscope. Also I think the tool chain suits people from a command line development background.