Scancode / Keycodes and keycode tables?

Can I find keycode / scancode tables somewhere?
(Just learnt that key- and scancodes are not the same, but do currently not fully understand).

I need to know:
keycode / scancode for model 100 → translated to Windows VK_xxx keycodes like VK_A, VK_OEM_1 and so on.
[Others will look for the similar information for Windows and OS X I guess].

What are the keycodes Chrysalis expects under custom key code? I guess that are the model 1 key codes?

What are the language-specific extra keys in Chrysalis? INTL1 to INTL9 and LANG1 to LANG9?

I imagine they are USD HID scan codes. The USB column in this file is a reasonable reference chromium/ at master · Igalia/chromium · GitHub

The “custom key codes” in Chrysalis are the raw 16-bit values of Kaleidoscope Key objects. Those values are interpreted by Kaleidoscope and its plugins to trigger various actions, not all of which are transmitted to the host in any way (e.g. layer change and LED mode keys). Many of the basic Key values map simply to USB HID key codes. The ones it looks like you’re interested in are Keyboard and Consumer Control HID keys. The host operating system interprets these HID keycodes and gives them other labels. I’m not familiar with Windows, so I can’t comment on VK_xxx labels.

These are keys in the USB HID Keyboard spec that don’t typically appear on English language keyboards. I don’t know what they’re used for, or how operating systems interpret them. Feel free to try them out and see if Windows does anything in response.