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Hi there,

I’ve been typing on the Keyboardio for a few weeks happily; and starting to truly convert. However, it’s starting to create a serious divergence between my work setup (gen 1 Das Keyboard) and my home setup. Because I work remotely sometimes, and in office a good bit, this is actually quite annoying. I think an obvious solution would be to buy a second keyboardio, but in truth, I can’t really afford to do that on my budget.

My manager has graciously offered to buy me an ergo keyboard for the office, but again, the price of the keyboardio is a bit high for that generosity_(my words, not his)_. I’m wondering if yinz have a cheaper keyboard that you like, that wouldn’t feel dramatically different than the keyboardio; with far fewer niceties than the keyboardio for example.

I want to stress that I’m really enjoying the keyboardio, and it’s more of a cost issue for me.

What I did in this situation was keep the Keyboardio at work since there is where I am using and enjoying the board most.

For home I switch between a IBM Model M and a Cherry g80 11800. The IBM is more ergonomic feeling, buts it’s no split keyboard.

Split ergo mechanical keyboards are always going to be pricey, and there is nothing like a model 1 for cheap. I am blown away there are not cheap keyboardio clones, this thing has the best layout since the original pc keyboard layout. Until then If you want a cheap split keyboard I have used a gold touch split rubber dome board in the past, just make sure you get the one without the silly laptop keys. It’s ok, but to be honest I prefer that old IBM model M, there is something to be said with not bottoming out and a curved backplate having some ergonomics, a lot of engineering went into that keyboard and it shows in how it feels to type on.

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Thanks for your reply. I think this is reasonable advice, and I’ll move the DAS home. I’m technically getting more hours in typing at work anyhow.

I’d suggest keeping an eye open for the people selling the used ones, in all honesty. I have two that I bought new, and one that I bought used. I have the clickly one at home where noise doesn’t matter. I have one quiet one at my office where I don’t want to bother others, and I’ve got one in a travel case that I take with me when I’m going to be doing work on the road or at a coffee shop, etc.

The closest ergo I’d suggest otherwise would be an Ergodox (for the thumb clusters and the columnar layout), but the M01 is really different enough that I’d not really want to use anything else.

If you only have one keyboard, honestly, I’d probably take it to work, and use something else at home. I certainly use my keyboard at work more than at home.

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I recommend getting a travel case and sticking with just the Keyboardio. I got one and it protects the keyboard well. I take mine to work every Monday and bring it home every Friday. (I don’t do much typing at home on the weeknights. You could probably even take yours with you to and from work every day if you use yours at home on the weeknights.)

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I don’t think there’s anything comparable in a price range that’s really any cheaper. The Ergodox is about the same price. The closest I may say would be an Iris, however, those are sold in kits that you have to build vs complete keyboards.

A keyboardIO is not too high for that generosity. People buy their employees 3k chairs because it is important to be comfortable and not injure yourself while working. If it makes you more productive and or enables you to continue doing work; you are better off able to work than injured and unable to work.

I’m sorry but no manager worth anything would complain about the price tag given the sheer number of hours you use you keyboard to do work and the amount they are paying you for said work. It is probably the most important tool you have. It’s like a lawn person with a crappy mower, you wouldn’t do that.

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You know, @milkypostman I think you’re right. I guess I hadn’t thought seriously about his offer in that way, and felt icky asking for something expensive, but your point is well made. I think I’ll go for it.

The other thing to think about is that it’s not much more than a kinesis advantage and that’s a pretty standard ask. Also you’re pretty sure you like the keyboard so it’s not like you’ll get it then decide you don’t like it.

The only reason I didn’t expense my two model 01s through work was that I wanted to keep mine. But I did expense an advantage then gave it to someone else in the office when I decided I didn’t like it.

Go for it man. Let us know how it goes and if you’re looking for new employment :wink:


LOL he replied to the request with “OK, Ill put in the order this weekend”.


Haha, that’s great to hear! @milkypostman had it completely right here. It’s really not a crazy ask at all. Like he, I would’ve had work buy mine as well, but like he, I knew I wouldn’t want to part with it if I left the company.

I wonder how many workplaces would allow an arrangement like “We’ll buy it, but it’s essentially useless if you leave the company, so you have to buy it back if/when you leave” or something to that effect, possibly with some depreciation. I would definitely have gone for that if I’d thought of it.

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My experience is that most smaller employers are ok with such a deal, because the administrative burden of transferring the item to you is less than storage costs. For a big multi-national company with a ton of bureaucracy, it’s often cheaper to store the item for a decade than to go through the paperwork of letting you buy it for a much reduced price.

Case in point, I used to work for a company with a few hundred people. I got a trackball, and they just gave it to me when I left. A couple of years later, I worked for the same company, but it was being acquired by that time. They got me the same trackball, but when I left, I wasn’t able to buy it, because the paperwork and transfer process became more expensive than the device itself.

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