Should i bite the bullet and buy it?

Been waiting for a few days and it doesn’t seem like there will be anyone in Europe that want to sell their keyboardio. Should i bite the bullet and just buy it?

I bought mine during the kickstarter with no public reviews to go on! I had just done diligent research on what made an efficient, scalable, ergonomic keyboard… Was it worth it? For me, yes! Ergonomic recovery from RSI under way! And when a job change put me in an open office space I bought a second new one for the quiet clickies :slight_smile:

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Since then my wife bought an Ergodox, and I found an abused Kinesis Advantage dirt cheap… The M01 is still the best imo

Awesome! Thanks for your input.
This decision is harder to make than i thought, lol.

I’ve not regretted it one minute! It’s solid out of the box… but I love to tinker and have loved being able to adjust and tweak the keyboardio. It’s built to encourage/support that should you ever choose to!

Personally, I love the sound and feel of the Matias switches, I’m not personally a fan of the cherry style switches in other boards. To me, the click in the cherries feels less solid and the sound is too high pitched of a click.

One difference between the ergodox and keyboardio used to be that while you had a graphical interface to modify the ergodox, the keyboardio you had to edit a file to change the layout. But now, keyboardio has a graphical interface called Chrysalis! I’ve been trying it out recently and it’s pretty cool.

Layout wise, the thumb cluster configuration is BY FAR better than anything else I’ve tried. It’s genius and feels really natural! Some of the function-y keys around the outside of the board sometimes feel “stiff” if you hit them off center, but they are keys I don’t tend to hit a lot and don’t really notice these days as I tend to hit them on center more now. Oh!!! And the layer key being under your palm is just :heart_eyes:

Appearance of the board is also unlike anything else out there; it’s stunning and unique. I’ve worked in public next to my coworker with an ergodox and nobody noticed the ergodox but the keyboardio people ooh and aah over :laughing: . They wood is just beautiful.

That’s some of the things I love about my keyboardio model 1 :-).

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I’ve had no regrets. It’s by far the best keyboard I’ve ever typed on, and I’ve yet to miss any of the “missing” keys. I actually find myself wishing that I had the palm-button-actuated function keys when I’m on my laptop–it’s actually easier and more natural for me to access the F-keys and arrow keys through chording than it is to reach all the way to those spots on a normal keyboard.

The Model 01 has also saved my pinkies: I find it much easier on my hands to use my thumbs to actuate keyboard shortcuts than to rely on my pinkies to reach the required keys.

Go for it!

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Thanks for your thoughts! I’m still debating but now its less about whether to get it or not and more about whether to wait till i travel back home or to get it now.