Selling my new Atreus keyboard

Keyboardio Atreus BOX Brown QWERTY, with additional blank keycaps set

Price: 120 Euros
Condition: Brand new, received last week
Location: Hamburg, Germany

I received this beautiful Atreus last week, but I am really struggling with 40key layout and will buy another keyboard instead.

Can you ship to Czechia? I would take it. DM me with payment details etc. please – SEPA or PayPal seem reasonable.

This is what I see in shipping estimates from DHL

So shipping within EU should be upto 10 euros.

The EUR ~14 2kg packet looks good. Maybe the EUR 9 one would fit as well, but it doesn’t have insurance and tracking, which I’d like. So EUR 14. Sounds good to me if it sounds good to you.

I picked up the package today, everything is as described. Happy to do business with you, as they say on e-bay :slight_smile: Thanks!

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