Selling my new Atreus keyboard

Keyboardio Atreus BOX Brown QWERTY, with additional blank keycaps set

Price: 120 Euros
Condition: Brand new, received last week
Location: Hamburg, Germany

I received this beautiful Atreus last week, but I am really struggling with 40key layout and will buy another keyboard instead.

Can you ship to Czechia? I would take it. DM me with payment details etc. please – SEPA or PayPal seem reasonable.

This is what I see in shipping estimates from DHL

So shipping within EU should be upto 10 euros.

The EUR ~14 2kg packet looks good. Maybe the EUR 9 one would fit as well, but it doesn’t have insurance and tracking, which I’d like. So EUR 14. Sounds good to me if it sounds good to you.

sure, let’s continue the discussion over DM?

or twitter if your prefer,

Just sent the email. Please check your inbox