Set BootGreetingEffect to a different key

I’ve been experimenting with the code in How does one make a key that turns the LEDs off? and tried changing the BootGreeting key since this prevents it finding the default key.

The documentation suggests you can set .key_row and .key_col but the IDE complains that class kaleidoscope::plugin::BootGreetingEffect' has no member named 'key_col'. After glancing at the code I tried BootGreetingEffect.user_key_addr = KeyAddr(2, 9); which didn’t generate an error, but also didn’t work.

I was aiming for the butterfly key here, but as I’m very likely to reassign it I couldn’t use it as the .search_key, but trying BootGreetingEffect.search_key = Key_K; in setup also didn’t work.

A subtle thing, which should be documented: try placing the above in your sketch’s setup() before calling Kaleidoscope.setup(). Same goes for setting .search_key: both need to be set before calling Kaleidoscope.setup().

Thanks. I’ve tried moving them and I can now set the search_key, but the other options still don’t work.