Shift keys stop working when using OneShot on Windows

Hi, i am experiencing an issue where my shift keys permanently stop functioning after about 30 minutes of typing. I am using the oneshot plugin and the 1.92.0 beta build compiling on Windows. This issue hasn’t happened to me on previous builds. When the issue occurs, every shifted keypress from then on simply outputs the unshifted keypress. Reflashing the firmware fixes the issue (temporarily) for me.

Does plugging the keyboard out, and then plugging it back in help, by any chance?

Yes replugging in the keyboard resolves the issue. This has only happened to me once in the past 2 weeks so it must be a very rare sequence of events that cause it to happen.

Can you try upgrading to the latest git master of Kaleidoscope? There were a few bugs fixed that might help with the one you’ve been experiencing as well.

Sure, I updated to latest master. So far I haven’t encountered the issue again, but I’ll let you know if I do.

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The issue happened again on the latest firmware.

Darn. :frowning:

I’ll be looking into it, then.

I don’t think the host OS is relevant, as I’m seeing the same issue on macOS. Every now and again shift just stops working, and only plug-cycling the keyboard gets it back.

Hrm… do you know about how long the keyboard has been powered when this issue happens? Does the issue always happen after a day or two of being powered, or after a few hours?

It hasn’t been consistent for me. Today it happened after an uptime of 7 days, 3 hours, give or a take a few minutes. I suspect it’s some magic combination of keys that’s doing it, more than time-related.

I have the same problem with TopsyTurvy. Some combination of Shift and Alt or Ctrl and a Topsy key cause Shift to stop working. However, typing a Topsy key while holding shift fixes it, so there is no need to un-plug the keyboard for this.

I haven’t yet found a reproducible combination to cause the issue, but it happens quite often when using emacs, so I guess it is mainly a combination of Shift + Ctrl + Topsy.

I’m also using TopsyTurvy, and I’m a heavy emacs user, so this tracks with my experience. I hadn’t tried the shift+topsy fix, so thanks for the tip!

Nice find! This behavior matches what I am seeing as well. I am now able to reproduce this consistently with the following sequence in rapid succession:

Hold ctrl, hold shift, press a topsy turvy key, press any regular letter key, release ctrl and shift

After performing the above sequence, the shift keys will stop functioning until either a power cycle, or holding shift and pressing a topsy turvy key.

In case it is relevant for reproducing this issue, my plugin ordering is:


Can you report this on GitHub? It fell off my radar, a GitHub issue is easier to pin onto my queue.


I believe the issue and fix is already posted here: