Shift Key 'randomly' Stops Working


Every so often while using my keyboardio, about several times a day, the shift keys stops working.

When this happens I disconnect and reconnect the usb connecting the keyboardio.
After this step the shift keys start working again.

I’d prefer to not have to do this step.

Has anyone encountered this issue or know what the issue could be?

Are you using the factory firmware, or do you have any plugins enabled?
Is it just one of your shift keys that’s misbehaving, or both of them?

If you see the same behavior with stock firmware, I’d suggest emailing I had something similar with the ctrl key on the left half of my Model 01. I was able to use hardware test mode to confirm that the switch was bad. Jesse sent me a replacement key switch that I was able to de- and re-solder to fix the issue.

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