Model 01 stops working sometimes

I’m having this weird problem when my model 01 stops typing sometimes, I press keys and nothing happens with the only exception of led key still changing colors. If I disconnect and reconnect USB cable everything immediately goes back to normal. I tried different USB ports on my computer but it doesn’t seem to be port problem. It is completely random, sometimes whole day goes by just fine and then it happens like 3 times in one hour. Any ideas on how to diagnose or fix this issue? If my model 01 dies on me I’ll be one really sad panda :frowning:

There can be several issues in such problem : hardware, software, environment…

If I had to diagnose this, I’ll start with a know working firmware : flashing the stock Kaleidoscope Model01 firmware to avoid plugin interaction problems.

An other way could be the to use the focus plugin to communicate from the computer to the keyboard.

Under GNU/Linux system, dmesg --folow is a good way to track the (de|re)connexion issues.

An other thing I can think of is the mouse keys, as they are seen as an other device from the host, they can be working even if the keyboard part seems broken ?

Good debugging !

Stock firmware, nothing fancy here. I got Win10 and I don’t think keyboard gets disconnected, at least I don’t hear that distinctive sound when USB thingy gets removed. And that’s a really good idea about mouse keys, thanks a lot, I’ll give it a try!