Model 01 Frequently Stops Responding

I’ve been using the Model 01 (from the second production run) with almost no issues [1] almost every day for the last few months, connected via a docking station. Since last week, the keyboard often freezes, preventing any input or even the LED sequences don’t change. This happens so often I usually end up disconnecting and reconnecting the keyboard every few min.

In addition to frequently freezing, I sometimes see:

  • A brief flash of white light under one of the keys on the right side, immediately after reconnecting it
  • Various single keys in the right side lighting up for no reason
  • LED effects only working on the left side, or LEDs on the right side lagging the left side for a second or two
  • Key chatter on a number of different keys, even without pressing that key to trigger it.

Various things I’ve tried, without success:

  • Rebooting my laptop (MacBook Pro)
  • Flashing the firmware to the latest code
  • Trying it with a different laptop
  • Disconnecting and reconnecting the connecting cable between both halves
  • Switching to a different USB-C cable, connected directly into my laptop, instead of my docking station.

The one noteworthy change in my setup last week was the addition of a new monitor, connected to my docking station via USB-C. The monitor has the ability to provide USB-C charging, which I disabled because my docking station provides power.

Can someone help me work out why my keyboard has become unreliable all of a sudden and what I can do to resolve it?

[1] I did have some reoccurring key chatter involving the space key, which I’ve been able to manage by removing the keycap and cleaning with isopropyl alcohol whenever it reoccurs.

After removing the recently installed monitor for a few hours today, my Model 01 was better behaved for 1 - 2 hours, before locking up again.

I’m now suspicious that power output from the new monitor was a contributing factor, but I don’t know how to investigate further (low level electronics isn’t my strong suit)

I had some issues kind of like this; replacing the ethernet cable that connects the two keyboard halves solved it for me.

After posting here, I did consider the cross connect cable, so I tried a new CAT6 patch cable without any success. At this point, the intermittent freezing has stopped, but the entire right hand side is non responsive except for the LED effects sometimes showing.

I’ve contacted Keyboardio Support and I’m waiting to hear back from them

Following a discussion with Support, we were able to identify a problem with the right hand side circuit board of of my Model 01.

After following an outside the box idea to resolve it, my Model 01 is working again

can you share what this solution was in the end? I’ve started to have similar problems with freezing in the last weeks. I am inclined to blame new versions of the firmware, since it is the only thing which changed. What I also noticed: it can be fixed if I move the USB-C cable in the keyboard port a bit - it does not seem to be a wobbly contact, but it still somehow resets the state.

As I mentioned, my problem was a physical issue with the circuit board, firmware updates had no effect.

The solution which worked for me was specific to both my warranty status and my location, given international shipping restrictions these days.

I suggest you email to discuss the issue you are experiencing