Key repeating spuriously

Hi all,

Generally loving the keyboardio (so much I have two now) however I am experiencing an issue with the earlier model where a key appears to trigger multiple times when I only hit it once. It’s only one key and its intermittent.

Whats the best fix for this - the newer firmware with the better latency, or is this going to be some kind of hardware hack?

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Here’s an early reply - someone will probably follow up with a good one :wink:

It’s a known issue in the first batch, mine had the same. There is a hardware workaround (thankfully not too involved), but I think Keyboardio prefers people to e-mail their support about it so they can track who’s been affected.

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Indeed, please email See here for more information about the problem.

Hi all,

Thanks for this - I thought this was a known problem… I have sent emails and we will see how we go!