Every key repeats 17 times

Hiya - after 3 years of excellent use, my keyboardio now sometimes gets into a state where keys repeat 17 times. I press a key (any key, it does it for all of them), it fires once, has a brief pause, then pumps out 16 more presses of that key.

Any idea what the heck that might be? Seems to go away on unplugging, but come back randomly.

It sounds like something with a 2-second timeout is affecting your keyboard. From your description, I’m guessing it “repeats” as if you press and hold each key, rather than getting the first character, then all the rest at once. I have two questions for you:

What version of Kaleidoscope are you using?

Does your sketch enable the OneShot plugin?

Thanks for the response Merlin. It is indeed a repeat as if it were a press and hold.

Oneshot is enabled - not directly for anything but presumably as a dependency (can’t remember). Kaleidoscope is 1.99.2

Unfortunately, that version number doesn’t mean much. Is your firmware recently built from the master branch on GitHub? (vs installed by Chrysalis or built from the Arduino IDE’s Boards Manager)

It probably diverged from the master branch about October 2020, built using Arduino Board Manager.

To be honest, I haven’t tried recompiling etc. which I should try first really. I have some edits I want to do anyway to my firmware anyway while I’m in the swing of that. Also the problem seems to have basically gone away mysteriously… just to make things extra annoying.