Filevault + Keyboardio key repetition during initial unlock

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Sometime in the last three months I upgraded my Model 01 to the latest firmware and introduced an issue with key repetition during the FileVault unlock screen.

This is a new problem so I reset to the default sketch and tried again to find I still had the issue.

Whilst in the default firmware I also toggled N-Keyrollover using R2C6+R3C6+R3C7, thinking this feels like it could be an issue, but no dice it still repeats.

Everytime I reboot I now need to grab a second keyboard and plug in just to get past that point, after that point the M01 is fine.

Any suggestions on what to try next?

This sounds very much like #825. What happens here is that FileVault requires 6KRO, but we end up with NKRO regardless. There is currently no workaround except downgrading the firmware (Kaleidoscope itself, that’s where the problem is).

I know what the problem is, when it was introduced, but we do not have a fix yet. I’m on it, but it will take some time to get there.

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@algernon : Thanks would you not what git revision I need to downgrade to and what if any functionality will I lose if I do so.

The linked github issue has steps to get back to a firmware that works. Since you’re using a Model01, you can skip some of the steps, and stay on the Kaleidoscope version first rolled back to.

I have used 55065ce for anyone having the same issue and that appears to have fixed the problem.

@algernon is there a need for another bug report on GitHub and if so I can raise one.

@algernon – I want to call your attention to this draft PR I submitted last year that got boot protocol working for me. I can’t tell if anyone ever looked at it, but it definitely solved this exact problem.


FWIW, Jesse found and fixed the issue yesterday: it turns out that during a refactor, our boot protocol implementation stopped releasing keys.

@merlin Added the PR to my queue again, thanks!

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Was the fix pushed? My keyboard just betrayed me, and MacBook keyboard being flimsy as it is, was of no help either.

Yes, the change was pushed and works. :slight_smile:

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Thank you! I finally dared restart my machine again and after updating the firmware the keyboard worked perfectly, indeed