Boot mode bug with Mac?

Are there any “known bugs” with boot mode support? I build my firmware from “master” – Pulling the latest Model 01 then running make maintainer-update-submodules in the keyboardio repo. Since January when I attempt to login to my Macbooks with it the first key I press is repeated infinitely until I press “Delete”, then no further keystrokes are recognized from either the Model 01 or the internal keyboard until I unplug it and replug it in again and the process repeats. If I login from the internal keyboard then use the Model 01 it works perfectly.


I’ve been having this problem too! I’ve seen it with windows as well when I reboot via boot camp. I’m forced to replug the keyboard.

Boot mode used to work in the past, a lot of time was spent making it work. We did a number of changes in Kaleidoscope that may have broken it. I’ll look into it as soon as possible. I think the keyboard reports its in boot mode, but still sends NKRO reports, at least what you describe sounds like that. I’ll check on my mac mini soon (hopefully).


Not sure if it’s helpful, but… +1.

The keyboard definitely worked for me in the boot mode previously. Last couple of days I started tweaking my layout so I updated to the latest firmware and ran into this exact problem when I restarted my machine a couple of minutes ago.

Turns out the bug was… elsewhere than where I suspected. Jesse fixed it yesterday, Kaleidoscope master should now work properly on the macOS login screen again.

For the curious, the issue was introduced during a refactoring, and resulted in keys never being released when in boot mode. Sorry about that!

Thanks for the update @algernon! I just reflashed one of my keyboards and it works on the Mac login screen. :smiley: It also works on a Dell PC with BitLocker encryption that was exhibiting the same pre-login behavior.