Boot mode bug with Mac?

Are there any “known bugs” with boot mode support? I build my firmware from “master” – Pulling the latest Model 01 then running make maintainer-update-submodules in the keyboardio repo. Since January when I attempt to login to my Macbooks with it the first key I press is repeated infinitely until I press “Delete”, then no further keystrokes are recognized from either the Model 01 or the internal keyboard until I unplug it and replug it in again and the process repeats. If I login from the internal keyboard then use the Model 01 it works perfectly.

I’ve been having this problem too! I’ve seen it with windows as well when I reboot via boot camp. I’m forced to replug the keyboard.

Boot mode used to work in the past, a lot of time was spent making it work. We did a number of changes in Kaleidoscope that may have broken it. I’ll look into it as soon as possible. I think the keyboard reports its in boot mode, but still sends NKRO reports, at least what you describe sounds like that. I’ll check on my mac mini soon (hopefully).