Problems entering certain characters in BitLocker or other preboot environments

Has anyone else run in to a problem entering BitLocker PINs into the pre-boot field? I found that letters worked, but Space did not. Makes it pretty much unusable with PINs containing them…

I believe I know what this issue is. (Though I’m surprised that letters work.)

It’s my fault and I’m sorry :confused:

Right now, the Model 01 doesn’t correctly negotiate to ‘Boot Protocol’ keyboard mode. I had something half-working just before we had to lock down for mass production, but wasn’t confident about it and ultimately decided it would need to go out in a firmware update once we’d done a more careful implementation and tested to make sure that it didn’t result in anything else going wrong.

I’m running behind on getting it fixed because, well, lotsa reasons, all of them both reasonable and unreasonable.

I’m in the process of bringing on a bit of paid engineering help to get us closer to where we should be. is the stub issue tracking this.

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