Keyboard not recognized on osx boot login

(Adrià Casajús) #1


My kbio doesn’t work when. I’m in the isx boot login screen. It’s the password request screen that appears when you reboot or cold start the machine if the hd is encrypted. The kb leds work but whatever symboi i press does noit appnar in the password prompt.

Can somebody help? Has it happened to anybody else?

(Gergely Nagy) #2

This is a known issue, which we are working on. The problem is that the Model01 firmware does not support the “boot protocol”, only the more advanced N-Key Rollover. I have a set of patches that fix this, but they haven’t been merged yet (the most recent version of the patchset is a few hours old).

If you are comfortable with git, I can walk you through the process of applying the patches. Or, I can prepare a factory firmware, with the boot protocol patches already applied.

(Adrià Casajús) #3

No need. If its a known issue I can wait. But just to learn a bit about the internals of kaleidoscope, can you link the github commit so I can dig around?

(Gergely Nagy) #4

Sorry for the late reply, I was away these past few days.

There are a few pieces of the puzzle that implement this, I collected them in my work log.

(Sean Cofoid) #5

Has this patch been applied yet? I’m experiencing this issue with my factory-fresh firmware.

(And apologies for resurrecting such an ancient thread.)

(Gergely Nagy) #6

The patch is part of the git repositories, but I’m not sure that the factory firmware has it or not. If it doesn’t work, chances are, it doesn’t. As such, I’d recommend compiling the latest factory firmware, and flashing it - that should solve the issue.

(Sean Cofoid) #7

I loaded the most current firmware, and the issue is resolved. I can now use my Model01 on the password screen.

Many thanks!