Short Travel Keycaps?

First off, I love my keyboard - I’m slowly getting faster on it and it has the added bonus of nobody else tries to use my pc now!

I’ve got my mapping almost right, a couple of tweaks to make and I’ll be happy. I had a think about what else I could do to improve it.

One thing that occurred to me was it would be good to have an option to buy a set of keycaps that are half height. I don’t even know if this is possible, but if so I would definitely buy a set. I know one of the points of Keyboardio was to have full travel keys, but I still think some people would get on well with shorter travel. Also, because of the layout, i sometimes find my fingers catching on the lower side of the nearest row of keys, and half height would solve this. Mind you, this is probably due to the weird way I position my hands…

Any thoughts on this?



I’m not 100% sure what you mean by “travel” .
If you mean the distance you have to push down the keys until it triggers, then no. This is part of the mechanics of the key switches.
If you mean the height of the key caps then maybe. The reason why I’m jumping in on this topic is because I design my own two key caps and there is little space to reduce the overall height of a cap. I would say 2mm at the most.
The simplest solution would be to raise the wooden enclosure using washers to move the keys “into” the keyboard and see if that helps.
that would most likely result in an odd look of the keyboard.
other wa round raise your hand by putting some thin gelly handrest under your palm

I hope this is of any benefit. I was using a self built ergodox until my Model 1 so I guess I know what you mean.


Thanks for the response. Maybe the word Travel isn’t the right one. I mainly would like lower keys, the height of the thumb keys would be ideal, although a little bit higher than that would be ok too.

If its not possible, then I’m not going to lose any sleep over it though!


No problem, I’m glad to help if a can.

So to conclude my statement, if the height of the thumb key is the optimum for you, then it certainly possible . The problem is, the whole key set would need to be redone. New CAD drawings , new molds, new mass production, in case in how Jesse did.
The other way round would be to redesign all keys and 3D print it , but those won’t be shiny and won’t have transparent letter engravings like you have now.

If anyone has a different opinion please correct me.


3D printed keycaps can have transparent/translucent markings if they are printed on a 3D printer equipped with a dual-material print head.

And you can make them shiny using the acetone vapor polishing method (but this only works for ABS printed parts).

And don’t forget to print the key stems in the correct orientation. And read the warnings at that link regarding potentially voiding warranty via maybe breaking switches.


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Cool, but out of my capabilities right now!

My best hope is that there turns out to be a demand and its worth Jesse making them. I’m not holding my breath though…

Yes. I’d think I’d rather have quieter, much shorter, scissor switches
like the TypeMatrix 2020 or 2030 had.