Simplified flashing (but only for Linux with Nix)

Following the directions to flash the Model 01 wasn’t too bad relatively speaking, but it’s got a few things that are a bit annoying. You have to have the Arduino build tool chain. There’s two repositories (Kaleidoscope and Model01). Each has submodules. If you don’t set magic environment variables, the Kaleidoscope project is expected to be installed in specific directories.

I don’t need a GUI configurator (though I’m sure that would be greatly appreciated by other users). All I wanted was a more streamlined automation, but one that was more reliable.

So I made a little project to do exactly that, using the Nix package manager. It turned out how I’d hoped it would. But unfortunately, it only works on Linux (not Windows or Mac).

I spent more time than I’d like to admit polishing it this weekend, so I thought I’d share it in a few places. Maybe you can use it. Or maybe you have some feedback about it.

Here’s the link:


Nice work.
I took a stab at writing nix expression for my config. You can find the result here [1].

Compared to your solution I build hex with nix-build release.nix and use the result of that derivation to flash using avrdude. I wanted to put in the nix store but that would mean depending on the output of the operation in the toFile.

I am also copying udev rules so perhaps one could add this keymap to services.udev in their nix config, but I didn’t tried that one



Thanks for this! I tried to get shajra’s repo working, which is also very nice, but a bit more complicated so I couldn’t immediately figure out what was going wrong as I was trying it. I managed to get your config working immediately. Bonus points for easily allowing 3rd party plugins! This is such a good example of how nix can make software in general so much easier to use.