[SOLD] Atreus Qwerty (Box Brown) + Palmrest

Item: Atreus Qwerty + Palmrest
Price: 160 € for both including EU shipping
Condtion: Like new
Location: Austria

I tried out the Atreus for a good month and really liked it. My wrist however, didn’t. So I am passing it along to someone else. This also includes the matching Palmrest which makes the Atreus even classier.

The Palmrest is almost unused, the Atreus was used for a month and is in pristine condition.

Shipping within the EU. For other locations PM me and we’ll work something out.

Hi Bjoern, I’d love to buy it… how does this work again for getting in touch directly? I’ll try to find out…

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If the deal don’t work with Marco, I’m in :crossed_fingers:

Marco beat you to the punch I’m afraid.

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