[sold] For Sale: hand-soldered Atreus

Item: Classic Atreus
Price: EUR 100 excl shipping
Condtion: Hand-made, good as new
Location: Netherlands, EU

I bought a Classic Atreus kit around 2015 and hand-soldered it to a fully working mini keyboard. See http://atreus.technomancy.us/ for details on this keyboard. All keys are working and it has a nice laser-cut wooden case. I don’t know anymore which type of switches it has but the sound is neither loud nor silent, just a nice clacky sound.


I am interested in your keyboard.
I live in Canada. Let me know if it is still available.

Hi Shahram, yes it’s still available. Please DM me on Twitter (@hackteck) or LinkedIn to discuss further.

Hi Erik
I sent you a DM on Twitter.

This keyboard has been sold.