[sold] For Sale: Like New Walnut Model 100, Kailh Box White Switches (Clicky), $310

Item: Walnut Model 100 with Kailh Box White Switches
Price: $310 + Shipping
Condtion: Like New
Location: NYC, NY

Like new Walnut Model 100 with original packaging, QWERTY key caps, and all original accessories.
The walnut on this board is beautiful, and if you like clicky switches, the Kailh Box Whites are a dream.

The only reason I’m offloading this board is that during the wait I came to the realization that my RSI benefits more from shorter travel distance/low profile switches than from sculpting, like the Model100.

I have practiced a few hours on the board, and everything works perfectly.

Hi Justin,

I’m interested. Is this still available? Would you take Venmo or PayPal? Thanks!


Yes, you’re the first person to respond. I can accept either but prefer PayPal. I’ll shoot you a private message for details.

Hi Justin,

Did coderob got it of your hands? Otherwise I am interested.

Hi Dennis,

It is tentatively taken and we are ironing out logistics at the moment. Once I hear back on the last step with coderob I will mark it sold, but if anything falls through, I will let you know.


I’m having trouble editing the post title at the moment, but the board is sold. (I edited before, but something’s gone wonky with the edit button or with me).