[SOLD] [Free] QWERTY keycaps, new in box

(Guillaume Boudreau) #1

Update: SOLD

Item: QWERTY black keycaps for Model 01
Price: (Almost) Free; you pay the shipping, using your preferred method (I suggest Canada Post) plus a 5$ handling fee
Condition: New, in original box
Location: Montreal, Canada

(Nae Morris) #2

Hey there! Are these keycaps still available? :slight_smile:

(Guillaume Boudreau) #3

Yes; still in their box on my desk, waiting for some love!

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(Nae Morris) #4

I would love to snag an extra set of black keycaps! I’ll send you a message!

(Perry Jones) #5

If nobody else comes through, I’d be interested. I can’t DM since I’m a new forum user, but feel free to message me if they are still available.



(Guillaume Boudreau) #6

Sorry Perry, I just shipped them to Nae this morning! I’ll update the topic subject to reflect that.

(Tae) #7

@PerryAJ are you still interested? I have a set and I don’t know what to do with it

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