[SOLD] Model 01 quiet click - US-NY $275

Item: Model 01 quiet click
Price: $275
Condition: Like new. Received in January and barely used
Location: USA-NY

A bit more about the item, including a few pictures:
Like new- tried a few times but do not have the time to learn to use it effectively. Everything in its original packaging in perfect condition.

Would you ship to Poland?
Has there been any problems with chattering keys?
Are the long interconnect cable and the flat and tented center bars included?

If this is still available, I’d like to buy it. I’m in Austin, TX. I’d pay for shipping, of course. If it’s available, please DM me to coordinate payment.

No problem with chattering keys.

The long cable and tented bars are included.

I can ship to Poland but you’d have to cover shipping.

Hi, sounds good. Will DM you

Hmm I need to do some stuff to be able to DM… May take a day

Alex and I have worked out the sale here. This is no longer for sale. Alex, please change the title when you get a chance.

No idea how to change the title. Maybe it’s one of these badge permission things