[SOLD] MP3 Model 01

Item: MP3 Model 01
Price: 200E
Condtion: Used for 1 week, it’s brand new with box and everything (I lost the mini screw driver thingy though :()
Location: Paris France, can ship to Europe

In the end, it’s not a keyboard made for me, I don’t have enough space on my desk and it doesn’t really fit my usage.
So instead of wasting away such a great product (because I truly believe it’s a great product); I would love for it to find a new home.

Interested in buying for 200 euro. Are you happy to ship to the UK?

edit) forgot to ask…is this the quiet click version?


Yeah sure I can ship to the UK.

Yes I forgot to made it clear; it’s the quiet click version.

Dropped you a pm as the quiet click version is indeed the one that I’m after.