[sold] Barely used MP3 Model 01 for sale (New Zealand)

Item: MP3 Model 01
Price: $280 USD + shipping
Condition: Great condition, has been only used very lightly before I decided to go back to my Kinesis Advantage. Has had the stands adjusted for wobbly feet
Location: Waikato, New Zealand

This is the same as everyone elses :slight_smile:. Ideally I’d like to be able to sell it to someone in New Zealand, but happy to ship overseas if buyer pays for shipping.

Quiet keys or loud keys?

Quiet keys. It has had an issue with one side not registering key presses. Jesse was happy to replace the bits that needed replacing to get it all fixed up, but I haven’t had the time to look at it at all. In it’s current condition I’m happy to sell it for $100 NZD so that someone else can get it fixed up and working.

That’s all assuming that someone else can get the transferred warranty, @Jesse could you confirm that?

That is indeed correct.

Is this still for sale? Do you have the receipt (for warranty) and required parts?

Yep, still for sale, I have the original email receipts for this and all the packaging. I haven’t got any parts for it yet, but you could get them through the warranty.

I will be in Auckland this weekend, is this by any chance near you?

And what month did you purchase?

I’m in the Waikato (near Hamilton), but I can ship it?

Ordered on September 2016, received in February 2018 (pretty sure it was that month, might have been a month either side).

Ok thanks for now, :thinking:

Hi Daniel, I’m in Australia and would be interested. Please let me know what details you need.

Sorry, I’ve sold this recently, I’ll update the listing.