[sold] Quiet Click, barely used, MP3 (I think) - Sydney, Australia

Item: Model01 MP3 (shipped 14th Feb)
Price: $330 USD (+ $50 AUD for carry case)
Condtion: less than a month of light use, treated like its made of glass
Location: Sydney, Australia

Selling with great reluctance as I really, really want to love this keyboard, and I do, all except the most important part - the keys. My brain and fingers hate them as much now as on day one - and I’ve easily gotten used to dvorak, colemak etc on my Filco in a matter of weeks, so this keyboard just isn’t for me it seems.

Break ups always hurt :broken_heart:… but I know she’ll find that special someone.

I also have a JSVER Gear VR Case as recommended by someone else on these forums - fits like a dream. Bought it just after the keyboard arrived, used it once to carry home from work where both remain unused. Yours for the same $50 AUD I paid - can forward you the invoice for warranty etc.

Still have the original box it came in, in perfect condition, so will ship the keyboard in it and the case separately.

I can ship wherever you want at your own risk and cost as tracking doesn’t always work between borders.

Finally there’s Linear-A keys pending arrival, so you can have those too.

PS: I don’t know why it looks so freakishly pale white in the photos but its actually a typical wood yellow.

Interested in the linear-A keycaps, would you consider selling them on their own (or even just changing the address of where they’re sent if it’s in time)?

I’m interested in the keyboard, and located in Melbourne. Already have some linear A caps on order, so you could go on and sell those separately.

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Sure thing. Once I’ve finalised the sale of the keyboard we’ll sort it out.

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Hey, if for whatever reason this falls through, I’m in SYD and would love to buy it.

Money received, keyboard sent. But feel free to send me money anyway ;).

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Hey @Llamalland forgot about the keycaps - all yours.

@jesse how do I go about changing where they’re sent (if it’s not too late)?

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Note: I have clear keycaps on order, so if the shipping address can be changed, I’d be more than happy to have them shipped together if that helps.

The original purchaser should email help@keyboard.io describing the address change we should make :slight_smile: